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You’re angry, frustrated, and don’t know what to say next!

Does this sound like you in your intimate relationships?  You’re not alone.  I work with many of my coaching clients around their frustration in communication with their partner.  Whether you’re dating, married, in a long term relationship, cohabitating, in an open relationship, etc.  you must understand that communication is key if you expect that intimate relationship to work!

Below are a few tips that I’ve learned from working with clients around communication in their intimate relationships.  Take these tips to heart and understand how you can apply them in your relationship asap.

Communication in Intimate Relationships Tip #1: Let your partner know what’s important to you

communication - intimate relationships1If you’re in any kind of serious intimate relationship, then this should be a given.  Do you have physical, social, environmental, political, or other general activities that are important to you?  Do you have a secret passion that you want to pursue a new activity that you want to try?  If your answer is yes to either question then your answer should also be yes to the question around whether your partner knows, understands, and respects these things about you!

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Many people don’t take the time to have these discussions when they get into intimate relationships and that is not a good idea.  Speak openly and be honest.  Aside from the important things, does your partner know the things about you that make you…you?!  Such as your favorite color, your favorite teacher from elementary, the first boy you kissed, your major in college.  If they don’t know these things, ask yourself how open is the communication in your relationship.

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Some books clients have found helpful around open communication in intimate relationships are:

Communication in Intimate Relationships Tip #2: Learn to have fruitful conversations…in love and war

communication - intimate relationships2Let’s face it, intimate relationships are hard.  They bring out the best and the worst in us all.  However, if you want an intimate relationship that actually lasts, you have to know how to effectively communicate in all situations.  Based upon working with my clients, here’s what doesn’t work in times of conflict:

  • screaming and yelling,
  • sarcasm and insults,
  • pouting and sulking, and
  • the silent treatment

If you’ve done any of that stuff in the past, then you know it doesn’t work.  If you want to communicate effectively in intimate relationships, that means you’re going to need some new tools.  You have to learn how to communicate with fact and not just feeling.

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Also, learn how to have discussions around more sensitive (or potentially explosive topics) when you and your partner are both well rested.  Talking about touchy subjects when either of you is tired, irritable or stressed about other things is a recipe for disaster.  Open communication in intimate relationships is most successful when the well-being of you and your partner is a consideration.

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Some interesting books around how to communicate well in both love and war (in a relationship) are:

Communication in Intimate Relationships Tip #3: Be open in discussions with your partner about what you do and don’t like in the bedroom

communication - intimate relationships3Now on to the touchiest subjects of all when it comes to intimate relationships…physical intimacy.  Sex is an important aspect of any intimate relationship.  The level of importance varies for each couple.  However, it is an important part of bonding, communicating, and reaffirming your connection to your partner.  Being that sex is such an important part of an intimate relationship, ask yourself if you’re being open, honest and satisfied in yours.

What you do or don't discuss with your partner about your sex life will have a direct impact on how good or bad it is! Click To Tweet

From working with clients I’ve seen more resentment and anger in relationships being rooted in lack of communication around sex more than anything!  If you’re not happy or satisfied, then you need to say something.  What you do or don’t discuss with your partner about your sex life will have a direct impact on how good or bad it is!   How you say it and what you say is what will make the difference in your partner listening to you or completely shutting down on you.

Are you at a loss about how to start the conversation with your partner about your sex life?  Then working with a relationship coach can help you figure out exactly what to say!  Book your sessions today!

Some books that may help you talk about sex in your intimate relationship are:


Communication is the key to success in any relationship.  This is especially true in an intimate relationship.  Is your answer “yes” to the following three statements:

  1. My partner knows the things that are important to me
  2. My partner and I have good communication when things are good or bad
  3. My partner satisfies me sexually

If your answer is no to any of these questions, take note!  For a relationship to grow and last communication is important.  This means you need to start taking action today to improve communication with your partner asap!

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