Reimagining Self-Care: A Guide for Thriving in a Hybrid Workplace

As more organizations move to a hybrid work environment, it is essential for employees to review their workforce needs and priorities. This involves assessing their skills, availability, and abilities required to support the vision of the company. In terms of self-care and maintaining good mental health, this also means assessing if the company is still the best fit for you or whether you should seek employment elsewhere with a company that is better suited to your needs in order to successfully operate in this new environment.

Understand Your Company Culture

It’s time employees are honest with themselves about the type of company they actually work for. Is your organization open to making changes, or do they prefer to rely on the status quo? What is their attitude towards working from home, and how does it compare to in-person meetings? Understanding the company culture is necessary for creating an effective hybrid work environment.

A good way to gauge how senior leadership at your company feels about working from home is to assess if any outlandish comments came from your CEO when Covid-19 measures were lessened about employees returning to the office. If they were heavy-handed and non-compromising about people coming back to the office, then you already have a good idea that they don’t care about the health and well-being of their employees (hint: start looking for another job).

Understand What You Need Now

The look and feel of what work/life balance means to you has likely changed over the past several years. It’s time to reexamine those needs in order to create an effective hybrid work environment.

  • What tasks do you need help with?
  • What tasks are more effectively performed during in-person collaboration vs. virtual collaboration?
  • Have the needs in your personal life shifted in this new era of working?
  • Who and what can reasonably and sustainably support those needs?

These are just a few questions to consider in your quest to understand what you need now and implement effective self-care in this hybrid workplace landscape.

Set Clear Expectations

When it comes to hybrid work environments, clear expectations need to be established early on. This includes setting boundaries around when and where you will be based on discussions with your direct manager and broader leadership (as needed). If like many in the Corporate World, you work with others in your company across time zones, factor that into the equation and focus on aligning the best times for meeting for your in-office vs. work-from-home days. This is effective because you likely have slightly different start times for your working days based upon factors like commuting on your in-office days vs. your work-from-home days.

Take Advantage of Employee Benefits

From work with my professional clients, along with my own experiences in Corporate America, I have noticed that most larger companies are starting to have more initiatives to help employees lead healthier lives. Especially in this new era of work, it would be beneficial to explore any such programs that your company has to help with lifestyle changes aligned with your own personal goals. Some I have seen recently include:

  • Discounts for gym memberships at major chains
  • Volunteering and getting “Free” time off from work
  • Annual mental health days won’t count against employees’ vacation
  • Several complimentary consultations with a nutritionist or dietician
  • Participation in enterprise-wide walking initiatives with prizes at the end

All of the things offered by your company may not be up your alley but there are probably some which would help you start or enhance your self-care in a hybrid workplace.

Work With A Life Coach

If putting it all together is something that you have done and are doing well or is something that you are having challenges organizing, working with a life coach may be the answer. Self-care is more than spa days and journaling and working with a knowledgeable professional to help you the perfect routine or practices for you will be beneficial. Life coaches have expertise in various areas, including time management and goal setting, which could be extremely helpful when you are trying to balance several responsibilities. Curious to learn more? Click the button below to book a Discovery Call.

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Enjoying Your Summer Responsibly in the Midst of Covid-19: Social Balance and Health

Self-Care in the Age of Hybrid Work: How to Reevaluate Your Needs

Self-Care in the Age of Hybrid Work: How to Reevaluate Your Needs

In the current age of hybrid work, where many individuals are working from home while also dealing with personal responsibilities, self-care is more necessary than ever. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, it’s important to reevaluate your needs and prioritize self-care. Taking care of yourself promotes wellness and increases productivity, both at work and in your personal life.

In this article, we will explore what self-care means in a hybrid workplace, the importance of re-evaluating your self-care needs, and how a life coach can help during this process.

What Self-Care Means in a Hybrid Workplace

Self-care in a hybrid workplace refers to taking intentional steps to prioritize your physical and mental well-being while balancing the demands of remote and in-person work.

Self-care may involve setting boundaries, establishing a routine, and incorporating healthy habits into daily life, such as regular exercise and breaks from screen time. It also includes seeking support from your colleagues or a professional, such as a therapist or life coach, to help manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a hybrid workplace, where employees may be working from home or in the office on different days or at different times, self-care at an individual level is important to ensure that everyone is able to adapt to the changing environment without neglecting their personal life.

The Importance of Re-evaluating Your Self-Care Needs

As more organizations adopt hybrid work models, where employees work both remotely and in-office, it’s more important than ever to pay close attention to your self-care needs. Hybrid work can blur the lines between work and personal life, making it easier to neglect your needs.

It’s important to prioritize self-care to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Self-care looks different for each individual, it can include setting boundaries, practicing mindfulness, taking breaks, or engaging in activities that promote relaxation and stress relief.

By re-evaluating your self-care needs, you can ensure you’re taking care of yourself while navigating the demands of hybrid work.

How can a Life Coach help?

With over ten years of mentoring and coaching under my belt, I understand the usefulness of a life coach for someone struggling to create a work-life balance, especially with the recent boom of the hybrid workplace culture.

A life coach can be such a helpful resource when trying to decide on the right self-care techniques for your particular lifestyle. Our job as coaches is to help you to step back and assess your current situation and decide on the areas that need improvement. We also provide the support and guidance you need while making these changes to your lifestyle.

I highly recommend everyone work with a life coach as the first step toward achieving a more balanced life. If you’re ready to take that step toward discovering the best self-care techniques for your specific situation, book a Discovery Session to decide if Views Life Coaching is the right fit for you.

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Enjoying Your Summer Responsibly in the Midst of Covid-19: Social Balance and Health

Enjoying Your Summer Responsibly in the Midst of Covid-19: Social Balance and Health

It’s summertime and that means it is time to enjoy the sun, spend time with family, and take care of your health. The problem? Covid-19 has been spreading for months now and there are new strains emerging quickly. This puts people in a tough spot when trying to decide how to enjoy their summer responsibly while also taking into account the risk of contracting this virus. To help you make this decision, we have compiled some questions that you can ask yourself in order to have a fun and safe summer:

What do I really want to do this Summer?

Ask yourself what you really want to do during summer time. This will help focus your mind and allow you to make the best decision for how to spend your time this coming season, while still being responsible with it. Is it relaxing and going to the beach? Is it going on a mountain retreat with friends? Is it going to a 5-star resort for some seriously needed me time? Whatever the answer is, you can for sure get the most out of whatever activity you choosing by being clear about what you really want to do.

What do those pros and cons look like?

Now, to be fair, every activity you want to engage in this Summer might not be the best activity to engage in at this time. Weigh the pros and cons of different potential activities before committing too much energy into one thing that may not be right for you. Be honest about what things are most important to you and try to balance the two sides of the scales before making a decision.  Choosing activities that are still mindful of crowds (in general), social distancing, travel restrictions, local restrictions, etc. will likely net you having the best experience because you’ll be more prepared for what you know is ahead.

What am I willing to compromise on doing?

Just as in a healthy relationship, being open to compromise during these unprecedented times will also help you to plan a fun Summer while minimizing stress. Be willing to compromise certain activities while waiting on time when restrictions are lifted. Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about having some semblance of an enjoyable Summer. It just may mean you can’t party like a Rockstar just yet! So enjoy your summer responsibly and keep these questions in mind to use as a guide.


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Winning Amid Covid-19

winning amid covid-19The global pandemic has shifted the way the world works. With isolation, quarantine, testing, and more, people have had to adjust their mindset this past year majorly. A lack of socialization and implementation of social distancing has left a lot of people feeling lackluster and demotivated. Many are finding it hard to stay positive.

If you relate to feeling this way, don’t worry because you’re not alone. A collective traumatic experience is challenging, and you can’t expect yourself to react to it positively. Even the most positive ones among us might have had trouble sticking to their cheery attitude.

Before we talk about how to win during Covid-19, I want to give you a little teaser about life coaching. Life coaching can be ultra-beneficial if you want to shift your perspective to a more positive one. It also benefits you in several other ways. You can achieve self-awareness, self-fulfillment and be on your way to real introspection.

I’d love to introduce you to all of these fantastic concepts, so feel free to book your first discovery session with me today! We will get to know each other, talk about your current motivations and concerns, and develop a plan to help you win at life!

The Importance of Perspective

Now, let’s discuss the importance of your perspective. It’s essential to know that what happens to you isn’t nearly as important as how you react to it. If you have a defeatist attitude, you will react to occurrences in negative ways. On the other hand, a winning attitude will help you deal with difficult times more positively. You’ll be able to reap benefits that others can’t see.

If you feel like you have a pessimistic perspective towards life, don’t be worried. I admit it’s not easy to realign perspectives, but it’s also not an out-of-reach process. All you need is determination and motivation to make the shift happen.

Think about it like this. There was a concert you were hoping to catch this year. You’d bought the tickets in advance, read up on them, and were looking forward to it. Then, there was a second wave of Covid-19, and the event got canceled. Your city went into lockdown.

There are two ways to react to this situation, and only one of them will make you feel better. A person with a negative perspective would feel defeated and down. They would internalize this experience and feel like they’re unlucky or that nothing good will happen again. They would also be upset about the monetary investment they made.

Meanwhile, someone with a positive perspective would recognize the hidden luck in the situation. If the concert had still happened despite the virus, many people might have become affected by Covid-19. It would have been a disease hotspot, and the whole community might have been affected. What’s more, the positive person would find a way to enjoy another activity while being in quarantine. They would catch a live session by the singer in question and weigh the opportunity cost of missing the concert versus contracting the virus.

I hope it’s a little clearer now.

How to Create a Positive Mindset

Now that you know why perspective is critical, you’re ready to learn how to achieve a positive one. If you’ve felt low or upset for a while, it might be tough to retrain your brain into positive thinking overnight. Don’t expect sudden changes from yourself, and you won’t be disappointed.

The main trick is simple: force yourself to convert any negative thoughts you have into positive ones. The best way to do this is to wear an elastic band around your wrist. Every time you get a negative thought, give the band a tweak. It will snap back against your skin, sending a sharp sensation along your arm. Then, convert your thought into a positive one. Once you get into the habit of doing this, your brain will learn how to do it on its own!

A good example is this: let’s say you want to spend some time outside, but it has started to rain. You find yourself feeling glum and don’t want to do anything anymore. Snap your band and replace this thought with a cheerful one. For example, a rainy day means you can hang out with family inside and play board games. Or you can sort out your closet as you’ve meant to.

Once you learn how to replace each negative thought with a positive one, you’ll find that your perspective shifts independently.

Work with a Life Coach

And here’s the best way to win during a challenging time like Covid-19: work with a professional life coach! A life coach is a trained expert who creates a customized plan that you can use to achieve whichever personal goals are essential to you. A life coach will make seemingly complex issues like fixing your self-esteem feel like manageable and treatable concerns.

There are so many benefits of working with a life coach. Let’s look at some of these:

  • You will find clarity on the goals and objectives you want to achieve both for the short and long terms.
  • You will receive a customized roadmap from someone who takes the time to learn about your struggles and limitations. Once you start following the roadmap, you will find yourself achieving smaller goals that feed into your larger ones.
  • You will be able to realign and shift your perspective from a negative to a positive, accepting one.
  • This will allow you to take complete advantage of any opportunities that come your way. You will also find yourself open to different opportunities that you might not have noticed before
  • You will have a trained professional by your side who will make you feel like you are essential and will take your concerns and issues seriously.

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