Enjoying Your Summer Responsibly in the Midst of Covid-19: Social Balance and Health

It’s summertime and that means it is time to enjoy the sun, spend time with family, and take care of your health. The problem? Covid-19 has been spreading for months now and there are new strains emerging quickly. This puts people in a tough spot when trying to decide how to enjoy their summer responsibly while also taking into account the risk of contracting this virus. To help you make this decision, we have compiled some questions that you can ask yourself in order to have a fun and safe summer:

What do I really want to do this Summer?

Ask yourself what you really want to do during summer time. This will help focus your mind and allow you to make the best decision for how to spend your time this coming season, while still being responsible with it. Is it relaxing and going to the beach? Is it going on a mountain retreat with friends? Is it going to a 5-star resort for some seriously needed me time? Whatever the answer is, you can for sure get the most out of whatever activity you choosing by being clear about what you really want to do.

What do those pros and cons look like?

Now, to be fair, every activity you want to engage in this Summer might not be the best activity to engage in at this time. Weigh the pros and cons of different potential activities before committing too much energy into one thing that may not be right for you. Be honest about what things are most important to you and try to balance the two sides of the scales before making a decision.  Choosing activities that are still mindful of crowds (in general), social distancing, travel restrictions, local restrictions, etc. will likely net you having the best experience because you’ll be more prepared for what you know is ahead.

What am I willing to compromise on doing?

Just as in a healthy relationship, being open to compromise during these unprecedented times will also help you to plan a fun Summer while minimizing stress. Be willing to compromise certain activities while waiting on time when restrictions are lifted. Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about having some semblance of an enjoyable Summer. It just may mean you can’t party like a Rockstar just yet! So enjoy your summer responsibly and keep these questions in mind to use as a guide.


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