Dating After 40

dating after 40

Dating in today’s world of everyone being on the go, ever-evolving technology,  social connection, and overall flakiness of many can be challenging for anyone.  That challenge is amplified as you become older and wiser about what you do and don’t want!  Many of my coaching clients who are successfully dating after 40 had to develop more self-awareness and address certain fears before they were successful.

If you want to get absolutely clear about what you want from dating and relationships, working with a professional life coach can definitely help.  Before you start dating after 40, have you taken the time to do a self-assessment of where you’re at in life?  What do your next steps look like?  Do you want love? Do you want romance?  Do you want wild passion?  Do you want companionship? Figure this out first.

Below are some blog posts and book recommendations that I’ve come across in my effort to learn more about different perspectives of those who are dating after 40:

Blog posts about dating after 40:

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Some books of interest:

Other blog posts of interest:

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Are you actively dating after 40?  Are you interested in dating after 40?  Comment, like, share,  and subscribe!  If you’re actively or interested in dating after 40, working with a professional life coach will definitely help you out.  Book a session with me today!

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