5 Tips for Successful Online Dating

successful online datingDo you find dating complicated?

Is it becoming harder and harder to find Ms. or Mr. Right?

Are you just a hot mess to date?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, know that you’re not alone!  Many of my clients decide to work with a professional life coach because their love lives are not going the way they want them to.  So they decided to go online.  Below are the top five tips that I’ve learned from the trials & errors of coaching clients.  Follow these tips to get what it takes for successful online dating to occur.  The goal is for you to avoid many of the pitfalls and mishaps they have experienced.

1. Be honest

successful online dating1We all know that honesty is the best policy. That applies to online dating as well. When you set up your profile on a dating website or app:

  • be honest about who you are,
  • show real pictures of yourself in realistic situations,
  • show a couple of pictures of yourself doing activities you enjoy (i.e. spending time with friends, cooking, running, traveling, etc.)

Yes, you need to be cautious not to put anything on your dating profile that can be perceived as negative or too provocative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be authentic and honest about who you are.

Are you struggling with trusting yourself?  Then working with a professional life coach can have a positive impact!  Book a session with me today to learn more.

2. Set boundaries

successful online dating2A huge part of successful online dating is making sure you set and stick to personal boundaries.  From the first message that’s sent, start interacting in a way that makes you comfortable.  Set the tone.  If that’s formal, then start off that way; if that’s casual, start off that way. If health and fitness is very important to you, start off with a discussion around that topic.

A word of caution about starting off too sexual.  That can lead to uncomfortable situations and unrealistic expectations.  Remember, you want to use successful online dating techniques not successful hookup techniques.

Is setting boundaries something you’ve struggled with in past relationships?  Then book a session with me today to gain insight and courage on how boundaries encourage respect and collaboration.

3. Trust your gut

successful online dating 3We all have instincts.  You know that feeling when something just isn’t ‘right’?  It usually happens in the pit of your stomach, in your chest, or tension in your neck and shoulders.  Everyone is a little different in where they physically feel the feelings when something isn’t quite right, but we all experience those feelings.  Those are your instincts and they are meant to keep you safe.

Trust those instincts!

If you’re talking to someone online and something just feels ‘not right’, trust your gut!  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop talking to that person, but successful online dating means you know when to possibly limit communication.  Taking a break for a few days to process things the other person has said is also a successful online dating technique in order to truly get perspective on that person and where they’re coming from.

Is trusting your gut something you have trouble doing?  Then working with a professional life coach will help you gain insight and confidence to trust yourself more!  Book a session with me today so you can begin living in your confidence.

4. Be open (but cautious)

successful online dating 4Successful online dating differs very little from successful in-person dating.  You have to be open and you have to be yourself. That being said you also have to use good judgment about what you choose to share about yourself on the initial stages of dating.

For example, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, it totally makes sense to share some great stories about your experiences doing outdoor activities and exotic places you’ve traveled to for such activities.  However, there’s no need for you to share intimate details about your personal, financial, or other information.

Is opening up something you find hard to do?  Then book a session with me today so we can begin to uncover internal roadblocks in your way.

5. Make it worth your time

successful online dating 5Your time is precious so don’t waste it.  In the world of successful online dating, this means that don’t spend your time with frogs when you are seeking your prince.  Yes, you need to be open to different personalities and experiences.  However, this does not mean that you need to waste your time communicating with someone whose values, goals, current circumstance, mentality, or attitude is not in alignment with where you’re at or where you’re trying to get to.

Remember you can, at most, inspire a person to change but you can’t actually change that person.  Any lasting change comes from within and is a very personal journey.

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