What is a Discovery Session?

what is a discovery session

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Want to take the next step to create a better sense of well-being? You’re in the right place.

I want to talk to you today about how you can reframe your mindset, boost your self-esteem, and work your way towards self-fulfillment. It might sound too good to be accurate, but if you stick with me, I’ll help you understand how easy it can kickstart your journey.

Let’s Talk Self-Fulfilment

So, why do we talk so much about self-fulfillment? What exactly is it that we’re trying to attain? When people talk about reaching a high level of personal growth, they’re talking about emotional evolution. It’s deemed highly desirable to attain a positive mindset, react rather than attack, and shift your perspective to make life better.

Self-fulfillment is simply the culmination of all of these factors. The path to complete self-growth is not easy, but it’s not complicated either. As with any problem, there is an available solution, and there are tools you can use to achieve it.

I’m going to tell you about some of these tools now.

Your Free Discovery Session with a Life Coach

If you’re confused about what a life coach does and how they can help you, keep reading. A life coach is a trained professional who can teach you to retrain your brain, shift your perspective, and work on any other goals you may have.

Think of a life coach like a sports coach. A good sports coach studies the field, his team, the opponents, and then puts all these things together to create a strategy that will help you win the game. Any good coach must be an expert in their work line because they can’t help you if they don’t have prior experience.

The sports metaphor is a good one and applies to how I approach life coaching. The first thing I like to do is to urge my clients to book a free discovery session with me. During this session, we have an initial call where I introduce myself, talk about what I do, and then ask my client to tell me what they’re thinking of or going through.

Of course, one call or session isn’t nearly enough to understand my client’s unique struggles, but it’s a good start. I ask questions, prompt them to reply, and challenge them to rethink their beliefs to attain their goals.

The free discovery session is a jumping-off point to a beautiful relationship where I design customized plans for my clients, depending on what it is they’re looking for.

How Can a Life Coach Help?

Now, let’s talk about how life coaching can positively impact your life. When you sign up with a life coach, you should be clear about what you want to get out of the sessions. This applies to almost everything in life. You don’t need to have a crystal-clear idea of where you’re trying to get to because this will be unraveled during sessions, but you must have some understanding of what you’re struggling with.

Think of a life coach like a friend who will challenge your beliefs and introduce you to new perspectives about life. They will also give you powerful insights while encouraging you to achieve your goals.

Life coaching is different from therapy, and this is important to keep in mind. A therapist addresses your past traumas and tries to work with you to overcome them for your current state of mind.

On the other hand, a life coach asks you relevant questions about your current situation in life and provides you with a plan for the future. If you implement this plan, with your coach’s help, of course, you will find yourself with new possibilities and opportunities. A life coach’s plan for you will help you with your future, and they will be there every step of the way.

Here are some of the unique benefits you will get when you sign up with a life coach:

  • In-depth insights: you will receive powerful insights that will challenge you to rethink how you perceive things around you. These insights can range from overarching ideas to the nitty-gritty that may be ignored in daily life.
  • A new perspective: you will learn how to retrain your brain and shift your perspective away from negative thinking to positive affirmations and beliefs. We must learn how to take things as they come instead of being volatile and reacting to every setback or obstacle. A positive mindset will only help you on your way to overall growth.
  • Improved self-esteem: life coaching will allow you to take space and focus on your inner world. There will be things you don’t like about yourself, but you can work on these with your coach and change the game. Once you start achieving your goals, you will start to realize how strong you are and capable of. This will automatically result in better self-esteem as you continue to realize your self-worth.
  • The ability to embrace change: change can be a scary thing for many people. This is understandable as human beings are creatures of habit, and normal fluctuations can feel catastrophic if you’re not prepared. Working with a life coach will help you embrace and accept change as a part of daily life.
  • Open to life: once you start focusing on your well-being and self-growth, you will find yourself becoming more open to life and everything it has to offer. I will work with you and help you break out of any beliefs or ideas that limit you. You will feel freer, more positive, and on the lookout for new opportunities. This will allow you to live your life the way you want and not just get through it one day at a time.

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Crafting New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Stick!

New Year's Resolutions that stick

The New Year is an exciting time that’s chock-full of fresh possibilities and prospects. It’s no wonder that millions of people all over the world set resolutions for themselves as they go into the next year. A new year is a new chapter, waiting to be filled in with new ideas, habits, and goals. It’s an extremely positive time of the year!

Everyone has different resolutions come December, but what do resolutions represent? Isn’t it also simple to set new habits to follow throughout the year? Well, humans enjoy the notion of fresh starts and the feelings of hope they bring about. Resolutions can vary from the easily achievable to longer, more complicated ones.

Some simple resolutions could be promising to drink more water in the next year or smiling more. More complex ones could be to recognize and remove toxic people from your life or promising to take up therapy and resolve any inner struggles. Speaking of, if you need any help in figuring out which resolutions to adopt, reach out to me and book a free discovery session today!

The Issue with New Year’s Resolutions

So far, so good, right? Resolutions seem to be warm and wonderful things with great transformative powers. Here’s where the issue comes in. resolutions are much easier said than done. Every New Year’s Eve, people craft a bunch of different resolutions but come February, they’ve forgotten all about them.

It’s understandable. New habits aren’t made overnight, and human beings need consistency and time to adjust to novelty. So, how do we create New Year’s resolutions that stick throughout the year instead of till January? Well, you’re about to find out! Keep reading to understand how to embrace this New Year with steadfast resolutions.

How to Craft New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

Step #1: Be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish

This is the jumping-off point for the whole discussion. It’s important to know what you want to achieve and make a list of your priorities.

One of the best ways to ascertain your current goals is to work with a life coach. Life coaching is essential for almost any phase of your life, and it’s not just limited to an active emotional struggle. Once you sign up with a life coach, you can open up about your concerns and kick-start your journey towards self-awareness and self-fulfillment.

A good life coach will work closely with you to understand what’s going on in your life. When I take on clients, I reassure them with the knowledge that I will create a customized plan for them to follow so they can accomplish any of their personal goals.

Life coaching will allow you to list down all the things you want to work on, be it self-growth or building self-esteem. You will get a personalized strategy that you can then use to make sure you stick to the resolutions that you will draft. It’s a win-win situation!

If you’re eager to explore your upcoming resolutions, book your first free discovery session with me today. It’s that easy!

Step #2: Look at where you are right now

The way I see it, any sort of growth or progress starts when you can truly accept your current state. A lot of people live in denial about what are deemed to be ‘negative’ aspects such as flaws or insecurities. You have to understand that these are all part of human nature and where there is goodness, there may also be some negative traits.

Just because you have insecurities or flaws, don’t feel like you’re a bad person. You’re not a one-dimensional being, and it’s only when you accept this truth that you will be ready to start working on yourself.

Be open to writing down the things you feel you need to fix, be it a short or long list. You can also discuss these items with me during a free discovery session, and we can work out the feasibility of achieving your goals. You will find a lot of instant inner peace once you get your worries out into the open because you can then start to dispel them.

Step #3: Draft a feasible plan

This is where it all leads. Once you’ve followed the preceding steps, you can get to the good stuff, which is creating a plan that you can work with. This is your final list of New Year’s resolutions and your strategy of how to accomplish them.

This step will be a lot easier if you do it with a life coach. For example, let’s say you want to be healthier and overcome self-sabotage in the next year. When you discuss this with me, we will lay down a series of steps that will teach you to overcome the problem in manageable ways. Self-sabotage is a tricky thing to navigate, so we will begin by determining where the feeling is coming from and what motivations you have.

Then we will continue to write down tiny steps such as countering negative thoughts or reaching out to a friend or family member with clearer communication and therefore keep fighting the issue. You will see that these small steps will eventually lead you to conquer a larger issue, and you will have a sizeable goal to check off from your New Year’s resolutions list.

Bonus Tip: Reach out to your support system

A great way to keep yourself on track is not only to make a promise to yourself but to make it to the people around you too. You can pick a couple of friends or family members and show them the plan you’re working on to achieve your resolutions. Once you do this, you will find a sense of responsibility, and you will feel accountable to someone other than yourself. This can be a very positive and uplifting feeling and the more tasks you check off of your list, the better you will feel.

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Is Covid-19 Making You Anxious?

is covid making you anxiousIf you’ve been feeling anxious about Covid-19, you’re not alone. The novel coronavirus has managed to bring the world to a screeching halt in more ways than one. There are too many far-reaching ramifications that cannot be ignored, and mental health is not an exception.

The onslaught of this global pandemic has shaken up people’s mental health in various ways. Some have it worse than others. However, the common thread that connects all of us is the ongoing anxiety of actually contracting the possibly fatal virus. You might have heard of a close friend or relative who’s had it. Or you could’ve seen the increasingly dismal news reports that make it seem like everyone has been affected.

I repeat: if this situation is making you anxious, you are not alone.

How Covid-19 Induced Anxiety Can Impact Your Life

There are a lot of ways in which this specific anxiety can make you feel crippled. You might always worry about your health, your financial situation, and your family, among other things. This is perfectly natural and you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time about it. Anxiety festers itself through thoughts, which are intangible and therefore, frightening.

Susie Pettit is a North Virginian Life Coach who asserts that anxious thoughts feel real and can inhibit our life more than their trigger, i.e., Covid-19.

She says, “thoughts are everything. There’s nothing more important than how we think about the things in our life…Like ‘it’s the coronavirus that’s making me nervous!’ No, it’s your thoughts that are making your nervous.”

It’s obvious then that Covid-19 induces anxiety which in turn can negatively impact our lives and our progress. It can be pretty tough to tame anxious thoughts, mainly because they can make you feel like you won’t be able to get anything done. So, how do you make your way to a solution during this global pandemic?

The solution: start working with your life coach. I offer Discovery Sessions where I lay out all the services that a Life Coach provides so you can feel at ease about signing up with us. Once you sign up with us, you will be able to make some sense of the madness of this global situation and put an end to your constant anxiety. Before I talk about how this happens, however, let’s discuss what it is that a life coach does.

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What Does a Life Coach Do?

The first thing to understand about life coaching is that it’s not therapy. It may be similar in the sense that you will talk to a professional. However, where therapy is based on insights, past events, and has formal education and licensure in mental health, life coaching looks at your current situation and focuses on the future and has a different set of educational requirements.

When you sign up with a professional life coach, they’ll help you make your way to the future that you want. Professional life coaches have a ton of experience, both personal and professional, and they use it to identify their clients’ goals as the first step. Then they create a customized plan that tracks progress and enables clients to achieve those goals.

Think of a life coach as you would of any other coach. My job is to work with you to come up with a detailed strategy on how to accomplish different tasks. This doesn’t mean that I won’t focus on how you’re feeling. I’ll take your feelings and thoughts into careful deliberation. How you think is essential in that it forms the backbone of the strategies that will work best for you. If you want to work towards a mentally balanced life, you should sign up for your first Discovery Session and see where it takes you!

How a Life Coach Can Help with Covid-19 Anxiety

#1: They will help you to accept your situation

Jason Bernic is an Executive Life Coach who guides his clients through Covid-19 specific anxiety. He encourages his clients to understand and gradually accept the new normal. The world has become a place where precautions are necessary. According to Bernic, this new world order “requires us to adapt and construct a new normal – a new structure and routine…your foundation affects your mindset.”

Just like Bernic, I’ll help you come to terms with the changing world, and they will then help you find your place in it. New situations can only frighten you until you learn to adapt to them.

#2: They will help you find the silver lining

Like most situations, this one also has a light at the end of the tunnel. A professional life coach will sit down with you and gently remind you to focus on this light. They’ll reiterate the positives waiting for you on the other side of Covid. And they’ll make you remember the goals you thought you couldn’t work on because of the pandemic.

It’s possible to still accomplish the goals you wanted before Covid hit. However, your strategy might need a little tweaking. I’ll work with you to establish a new plan of action.

#3: They will remind you of what you can control

Often when we feel anxious, it’s because our minds make us feel like we’re helpless. Anxious thoughts can cause people to spiral because they feel like they have no control over their lives. This is a scary place to be in.

Once you sign up with an experienced life coach, they’ll remind you of two important facts:

  • One that the global pandemic, like some other things are out of your control
  • Two, that there are still lots of things that are in your control

As your life coach, I’ll encourage you to start focusing your energy on the events or things you can control instead of the ones you can’t. This will help if you always feel overwhelmed by the pandemic. Or if you find yourself thinking negatively about everything.

So, please take the next step and sign up with us today to learn how to retrain your brain into focusing on the positive aspects of any situation and be successful in taming anxiety in the face of Covid-19. It will take some work work, but it will be worth it!

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Benefits of Working With Life Coach During COVID
3 Lifestyle Changes That Will Have A Profound Impact on Your Life

Benefits of Working With Life Coach During COVID

working with a life coach during covidAre you struggling with direction?  Struggling to make progress?  Or  facing major changes during COVID?  If you’re looking for someone who can guide and help you during this time, then working with a life coach during COVID will provide you with the necessary support!

Every success story in the world usually involves support.  Many successful people have a permanent life coach in their lives to have that continual support. A life coach helps them find the right direction and allows them to make quick progress. So it would be best if you do what other successful people do, and take this time to start working with a life coach for your future success…especially in these tricky times of COVID.

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Likewise, many people are wondering about the benefits of having a life coach in life. So here we are discussing shortly before going into detail. In simple, the life coach can help you to find the job that you love, like a marketing strategist who can help you to grow your business at the desired level with the right marketing techniques.

Some of the other benefits given below:

Benefit #1: A life coach can help with career and relationship development

Careers and relationships are an essential part of everyone’s life. But most people are struggling with them as COVID affects them.  In this case, a life coach should be your first choice to have in your life, as they help you see past the anxiety and focus on the possibilities.

Moreover, everyone’s success is related their view of following their path.  In terms of career, a life coach, with their vast experiences and professional study can, help you find that path quickly.  After this, the topic of relationships usually comes up.  All of us want to establish good relationships with our friends, family, colleagues, and partners. But we sometimes fail to understand each other.

Especially during the pandemic, when many are struggling with we are struggling with financial problems or other anxieties, this can affect our relationships badly. In this case, a life coach is essential to have as they can help a client navigate these murky times and help them develop in ways to that their relationships continue to blossom.

Benefit #2: A life coach can help you to maintain good mental health

Now that we’re several months into the pandemic, chronic stress is common, as job loss, isolation, and many other sociopolitical factors are shaping everyone’s daily life. All these happenings can impact a person’s mental health.  If suicide has crossed your mind, get help immediately by contacting the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255).

If you’re just feeling down and your emotions are ebbing and flowing more than usual, then working with a life coach will definitely help! Simply put, life coaches are the people who can help you to come out of this time, as they are professional and have a lot of knowledge about asking the right questions and working with clients to shift their perspective. They can work with you to allow you to come up with the best solutions for your personality and unique situation.

Moreover, mental health plays a vital role in everyone’s life, so we shouldn’t ignore it and take it seriously.  Did you know that every sports team, whatever the sport is, has a unique life coach who helps them deal with their daily stress?  Yes, it’s true!

Benefit #3: A life coach can help you to control your emotions

A life coach can help you control your emotions as they play an essential part in our lives. Just imagine you’re  in your office and know that you’ll get the call that you’re being promoted today. How will you feel? Some may be excited.  Some may be nervous.  Some may be full of self-doubt and totally overwhelmed.  So at that stage, it is imperative to keep your emotions under control.

Likewise,  you can make mistakes in this nervousness and anxiety. So in this regard, we can say that a life coach is necessary to work with as we have observed that all the most successful people are very calm and relaxed and handle themselves with grace, regardless of the situation .

Have you ever wondered what helps them be so calm & controlled?  The answer is working with an skilled and experience “guru” of some type.  In many cases, working with a professional life coach. Matters such as anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and insecurity are conquered by consistently working with a professional life coach.

Benefit #4: Say goodbye to negativity with an experienced life coach

Negativity develops in someone’s mind due to many factors like:

  • failures,
  • unconscious behaviors, and
  • emotional reactions around dealing with other people, just to name a few.

And the person starts thinking. Differently, he takes the thing as they do not look.

When these thoughts and feelings invade the mind, it can be hard to find your way to positive self-talk.  Working with a life coach will help you to recognize some of these patterns, and worn out emotional records that you keep replaying in your head.  They will help you see the time is now to change the channel, story and what’s being said in your head asap!  Nothing can change until you have the awareness that something needs to change.

Benefit #5: Become more aware of your unconscious feelings with your life coach

In society, people are often judged on looks alone.  This can leave many aspects of a person lurking in the dark and not being known or addressed.  This can often breed feelings of Imposter Syndrome. What then should someone do if they can look the part, but they don’t feel they are the part? Even the most successful business men and women sometimes struggling with these feelings.

Working with a professional life coach, especially during the uncertainty of COVID, can have undeniable benefits around such addressing these feelings.  Learning to become more aware of all parts of yourself will definitely happen.  Moreover, they are always available to help you in any circumstances that you may face going through life.

At this point, the conclusion is clear.  You should hire a life coach now for your own benefits and self-satisfaction, especially when we need someone to talk on a serious issue that we can’t discuss with anyone else.

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Learning How to Shift Your Perspective

Shift Your PerspectiveIf you’ve gone through an upsetting time in your life, you’ve probably had people give you lots of advice. Some people might tell you to tackle the problems head-on. Others might have advised you to let go of your worries. But what no one tells you is that the most important way   to address whatever is upsetting you it to learn to shift your perspective first!

You see, life has a way of throwing curveballs at the best of us. These ups and downs may often leave us disillusioned, embarrassed, and stressed out. That’s because the solution isn’t always crystal clear. What is clear, however, is that we need to change the way we look at our lives. To say it, we need to shift our perspective so we can focus on the good things in life.

What Does That Mean?

You might feel like I’m throwing around a bunch of random words at you. However, if you keep reading, you’ll understand how to change your life with a simple shift.

Now think about this: you planned on spending your Sunday walking in the park. But then it started to rain, and you couldn’t go out anymore. The sudden change in plans leaves you annoyed, agitated, and unable to enjoy your day off.

Or here’s another one: you worked ultra-hard to get a promotion you wanted. However, you find out that another coworker got the job. This incident makes you feel unimportant, underappreciated and upset. You become unable to work hard at your job anymore.

The reason I gave these examples is to show you that life can be disappointing in both little and big ways. However, it’s how you deal with these curveballs that make the difference. Once you shift your perspective, you’ll see how life starts to feel better and more manageable.

So, let’s take a rainy day example. Instead of focusing on the negatives, i.e., the rain, you could shift your perspective and think about the free day you still have. You could then use your holiday to do other activities such as reading, playing games, or simply relaxing indoors.

Now, on to the promotion problem. It would help if you reminded yourself that some things are simply not in your control. Unfair and unfortunate events can happen to us at any given point in time. Shift your perspective and look at the positive side of things. Perhaps this is an excellent time to apply elsewhere where your talents will be better appreciated. It might be an opportunity in disguise!

Shifting your perspective is simple once you get the hang of it. I work with numerous clients who became happier and healthier once they did some cognitive work. If you would like to change your perspective and live a more positive life, book a free discovery session today! I will guide you through the basics of life coaching and what kinds of goals you can accomplish if you work with me.

Now then, keep reading to learn my top tips to shift your perspective and improve your life!

How to Shift Your Perspective

#1: Look Beyond Negativity

When something terrible happens, it’s easy for us to look at the negatives. Finding the bright side of things becomes tough to do because emotions are high and rational reasoning goes out the window. This can make you spiral in a negative way that will make everything feel worse than it is. The best way to focus on the positives is to surround yourself with people who do the same. Moreover, make sure that the media you consume is of an upbeat and lighthearted nature. Finally, you should book a discovery session with a trained life coach and start learning how to shift your perspective at once. These are the best ways to ensure that you retrain your brain to focus on the silver lining every time.

#2: Understand That Situations are Temporary

The most important thing to remember is that nothing that happens is permanent. An unfortunate event is just that: an event. Circumstances are temporary, and no matter how bad anything gets, it can’t stay that way forever. Once you keep this mind, you will have a much easier time dealing with it. It’s much easier to navigate your way through a temporary worry because you’re positive you will find a way out.

#3: Have Realistic Expectations

Sometimes we can end up disappointed because we hold unrealistic expectations. If you expect life to go well all the time, you will invariably be disappointed because life doesn’t work that way. This also happens when you wish too much from certain people or situations. This doesn’t mean you should expect the worse. Not at all. It just means that you should assess situations realistically so you can deal with whatever gets thrown your way.

#4: Seek Out the Benefit

Seeking positivity isn’t always the solution. You must also look for tangible (sometimes hidden) benefits in any bad situation. It’s true that no matter the case, there’s still some opportunity that can be taken up. You must train your mind to seek out solutions to any active problems until it eventually becomes a habit. This is the only way you’ll pull yourself out of negativity and into a more productive space.

#5: Practice Gratitude

You may have heard this one before, and it’s probably for a reason. While life may seem unfair at times, there are a lot of blessings that must be acknowledged. A positive mindset starts when you continually accept and acknowledge all the gifts you have been given. A shift in perspective demands that you first be honest with yourself and realize that you have a lot to be grateful for. Once you start doing this, you will start to feel more assured, secure, and stable.  The magnitude of your worries will seem to shrink.  You’ll begin to get clarity on the root of the actual problem at hand, focus on the goodness around you, and work towards solutions instead of dwelling on the problem.

The Bottomline

It’s important to remember that a simple shift in your perspective can improve the quality of your life in remarkable ways. Once you shift your perspective, you will understand how to tackle difficult situations with courage, optimism and strength. If this is your goal, feel free to book a discovery session with a professional life coach today to learn the astonishing (almost magical) ways to apply this on your own path to your most authentic and fulfilled self.

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